Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Warming Up

It’s time to write. To schedule interviews. To work on my book proposal. The kids are in preschool, though I’ll be picking them up early since Lucas is getting over a cold. But I still have 2 hours to work.

So I check my e-mail.

Nothing is urgent there, so I have no excuse to linger.

I decide I must check Facebook and become a fan of Seventh Generation and Oprah. I read others’ status updates. I update my own about how my son convinced me to buy fluorescent blue-colored Peeps. But even Facebook, which can usually suck hours only takes a few minutes today. What’s going on?

I call my husband. I’d spoken with his mom the day before, and I’d forgotten to tell him that they can’t see the Disneyland pictures on their digital picture frame, and something else that can’t wait until he gets home tonight. What was it? Oh yeah, LegoLand in Denmark is open all days of the week in May when we’ll be visiting.

My husband, the efficient engineer who rarely procrastinates is working, so he says “OK” as I share each piece of information. The whole conversation takes 50 seconds, timed by my phone.

I sigh, none of my normal stalling techniques are working today.

Maybe I’ll write a blog.

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Anonymous said...

Many a day I find myself stalling. I, too, call people in hopes I'll get more than their voice mail, but they're at work, working. Perhaps it is we, the stay at home writer, seemingly having it all, working for ourselves, are just looking for that ten minute coffee break with a coworker :)