Saturday, February 26, 2011

Swedish Tooth Fairy

Lucas' tooth was so loose. Drove me nuts, I wouldn't be able to handle a floppy tooth in my mouth; but he let it get looser, and looser. It was the bottom right one, his second loose tooth.

He lost his first about a month before we moved here. It "just popped out" one day at school. He literally lost it for a few minutes, and then one of his friends found it on the floor under his desk. His teacher, used to her pupils' teeth falling out, had a cute little tooth-shaped necklace thing to hold the tooth.

When he woke up the next morning, there was a dollar bill under his pillow from the tooth fairy. Seemed to be the going rate. But she'd left his tooth, and this confused Lucas since she's taken his friends' teeth when they lost them. He looked at me and said, "Did the tooth fairy really come, or did you just put this under my pillow?" I asked him what he thought, and something on the TV distracted him, and that was the end of that conversation.

Two weeks ago he finally lost his second tooth. He had been crying earlier that day because every time he bit down, it hurt. With my urging, he tried to pull it out, and a few minutes later, he ran to tell me he'd lost his second tooth.

"Lucas, you're going to get a dollar!" Henrik said, evident that he wished his teeth were falling out.

"No, Henrik, we're in Sweden now, so it will be in crowns," Lucas replied. "Maybe I'll get 500 crowns! That's the biggest bill!" Then he started dancing and singing, "Money, Money, Money, must be funny, in a rich man's world!" (ABBA)

I laughed. "Lucas, 500 crowns is like $75, I don't think the tooth fairy gives that much."

"We'll see!" he said, still optimistic.

The tooth fairy came, and this time took his tooth. Lucas got a gold-colored coin - ten crowns. Seems to be the going rate. She wrote a little note in Swedish that said, "Welcome to Sweden Lucas!" (She used the plural vs. the singular form of "welcome" but that's OK, her job is collecting teeth, not writing after all.)


pernilla said...

Go Lucas,who knows what Swedish tooth fairies might pay - maybe there is a shortage of loose teeth here? As long as no young entrepreneur starts pulling teeth out (his own, or his little brother's, for instance), it's all right...

Leia got her fourth tooth today, at the wedding she was making her bulldog face all the time, and it took hours before I heard she was grinding her bottom teeth agains her new upper one, which doesn't yet show :)

Kristy Lund said...

You can't blame him for asking! :) And it's funny you say that about the entrepreneur, I'm sure Henrik would love to find a way to lose some teeth!

Hope the wedding was nice, look forward to hearing about it.

Ah, Leia, fourth tooth. What a sweetie.

Anonymous said...

What a wonderful story of such a big event in Lucas' life. Bo's sweet and ever so inventive Braden, then four as I recall, saw his older brother raking in the big bucks for lost teeth. So he tied a string to his top front tooth, climbed up on the back of the couch in the playroom, tied the other end to the basketball hoop on the wall, and, yes, jumped off the couch. The dental visits alone cost the tooth fairy a bundle! Tell Henrik not to try this at home.

pernilla said...

Oh and don't - right now - show or read them Emil i Lönneberga, when Emil is trying to help the maid pull out an aching tooth. He has quite a few ideas...

The wedding was of course beautiful, btw. Even though Åke could not for several minutes find Isa's ring :)